Warranty Registration

For warranty and service please call 936-307-0738


TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS extends to the original purchaser of a new trailer a “Limited Warranty” against defects in
material and workmanship as stated below in the “Limitations, and Exclusions” for a period of one (1) year from date
of purchase.


  1. This warranty is not a statement of fitness or merchantability. TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS does not offer any warranty
    of fitness or merchantability for any particular use or application of any trailer or part.
  2. Customer must present original purchase receipt or invoice to TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS for any WARRANTY
  3. Warranty is not transferable.
  4. No warranty against rust or rust through of paint and no warranty against scratches or dents at time of purchase
    or anytime thereafter.


Warranty shall not extend to:

  1. Equipment that has been modified, repaired, or altered in any fashion by anyone.
  2. Unreasonable use, including failure of purchaser or user to provide reasonable and necessary care and
  3. Improper loading or subjecting trailers to load weights in excess of its capacity.
  4. Tires, axles, axle assemblies, suspension components, couplers, safety chains, or any other equipment or
    component, which is warranted separately by the respective manufacturers of, said component.
  5. Any consequential damages for breach of this or any other warranty expressed or implied whatsoever. Repair or
    replacement under this Warranty is the exclusive remedy to the purchaser or anyone else.
  6. Parts not supplied by TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS.
  7. Any parts which require replacement or maintenance in the ordinary use due to normal wear such as, Brake parts,
    seals, hinges etc. and bearings carry no warranty at all or any kind.
  8. No warranty against rust or rust through of paint and no warranty against scratches or dents at time of
    purchase. No warranty against axle bending for any reason.


  1. The obligation of this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing any part or parts, which in the sole
    opinion of TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS is defective of materials or workmanship.
  2. This obligation does not extend to reimbursement for freight, loss of use, loss of income or any other damages
    incurred by purchaser or any agent, or representative of purchaser.
  3. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to return trailer to TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS at 1241 Interstate 45 North,
    Madisonville, TX 77864 for any warranty considerations or repairs. No freight reimbursement is offered by TEXAS
    PRIDE or its dealers to return trailer to plant for warranty consideration.
  4. TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS at its discretion ship parts to affect warranty repairs but does not agree in advance to
    pay any repair labor for any reason.
  5. There may also be additional warranty provided on particular components manufactured by others such as couplers,
    axles, tires, but TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS “DOES NOT ASSUME” any liability responsibility to fulfill such warranty in
    any expressed or written form.
  6. Any and all disputes legal or otherwise must be arbitrated, tried or otherwise handled or disposed of in Madison
    County Texas.
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