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Aintbutone Hawk
Aintbutone Hawk
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These guys are the best hands down. Mike that's over the service dept. & his guys go above & beyond to satisfy their customers. I've had nothing but exceptional service from these guys.I'd recommend anyone to Texas Pride Trailers. Thanks guys, Hawk.
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor
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The other companies like to talk about how great their trailers are to tow. But I can tell you Texas Pride is great at that AND they have taken the time to ensure it is ready to work when it is parked. It is the little things like the dual jacks they have that are standard that make a big difference.
Jean Jardins
Jean Jardins
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I called Texas Pride through and ad I found on Google and spoke with Gus. This guy answered all of my questions and totally cracked me up. If you are not familiar you buy factory direct from them and they the pricing is killer. It didn't take me long to order my new trailer.
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Madisonville, Texas Pickup Pricing

30k lb GVWR Six Car Hauler Trailer With Electric Brakes

6 Car Hauler with Electric Brakes $32,900
*Add $600 fee for pick up at our stores in North TX, MO and TN


30k lb GVWR Six Car Hauler Trailer With Electric Brakes

G.V.W.R. 30,000 L.B.
Empty Trailer Weight: 16,050 L.B.
Axles: 2- 15k L.B. Tandem Duals with (Electric Brakes on both axles)
Suspension: Hutch Suspension
Frame: 3" x 6" Rectangular Tubing
Brakes: All wheel electric brakes on all axles (12" x 5" brake shoe)
Tires: Trail Finder 215-75 R 17.5" L.R.H. 16 PR max load 4540 lbs. dual
Spare: Lockable spare tire holder
Tongue: 3"x 6" Rectangular Tubing
Cross Members: 3" Channel
Flooring: Heavy Expanded Metal 4.27 L.B.
Coupler: 2" King pin 3/8" Bolster or 2 5/16 Ball coupler
Wheels: 17.5" silver 8 lug wheels
Ramps: Hydraulically extended 90" Long, with 4.27 L.B. Heavy Expanded Metal
Bottom Level 1 Length (BL1): Approx. 122"
Bottom Level 2 Length (BL2): Approx. 171"
Bottom Level 3 Length (BL3): Approx. 213"
Upper Deck Length (TL1): Approx. 97"
Upper Deck Length (TL2): Approx. 240"
Upper Deck Length (TL3): Approx. 243"
Total Upper Deck Length: Approx. 48 Feet.
Total Lower Deck Length: Approx. 42 Feet.
Front Deck Height (BL1): Approx. 86"
Middle Section Height (BL2): Approx. 86"
Wheel Well Deck Height (BL3): Approx. 80"
Tie Downs: Flip over brackets and soft tie down directly to the floor w/24 wheel straps
Upper Deck Width TL1: Approx. 102"
Upper Deck Width TL2: Approx. 91"
Upper Deck Width TL3: Approx. 91"
Bottom Level One Width (BL1): Approx. 95"
Bottom Level One Width (BL2): Approx. 96"
Bottom Level One Width (BL3): Approx. 96"
Overall Trailer Width: 102"
Overall Trailer Length: 50'
Jacks: 2 Independent 12,000lb Drop Leg Jacks w/ Spring Return
Tool Box: 2 Useable 24" x 23" x 20" Tool Boxes
Hydraulic Controls: 3 Bank Valve Body
Hydraulic Pump: Double acting KTI 12 volt self contained unit
Hydraulic Cylinders: Four 3" O.D. Aluminum lift cylinders, One 2" Aluminum Tail Cylinder
2 Pole Plug: Trailer side with 1 gauge charge wire
7 Way: 7 Way round RV plug
Lighting: All flush mount or recessed lifetime LED lighting
Battery: 12 Volt group 27 deep cycle marine battery
Wiring: USA Made sealed wiring harness
Safety Equipment: Conspicuity tape and brake-A-way switch
Finish: Fully primed and painted with automotive grade acrylic enamel


30k lb GVWR Six Car Hauler Trailer With Electric Brakes

Spare tire and wheel 16 ply: $275
Air ride suspension: $7,500
Electric over hydraulic brakes: $2,500
Upgrade to hydraulic jacks: $1,500


30k lb GVWR Six Car Hauler Trailer With Electric Brakes

*Pictures may contain upgrades not included in current pricing/package


30k lb GVWR Six Car Hauler Trailer With Electric Brakes


30k lb GVWR Six Car Hauler Trailer With Electric Brakes

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